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Medical Camp Shedule


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About Trust

Late Dr. Dharmvir Bhakt

It is the motto of Late Dr. Dharmavir Bhakt that, service to humanity is the best service.  And today he is the single fighter to this cause towards humanity.  He is providing his selfless, impartial and secular services.  Sweet drops of love, compassion & mercy can be seen from this face and conduct.  Though his financial conditions were adverse, he has put up hard efforts with help of his family members.  He has obtained Degree of Aurvedacharya from the Health Department of Gurukul Kangdi University, Hardhwar.  Such a public servant had chosen his own village Nansad as his work place and made use of his dedicated ability and expertise in the service of poor & trodden public at large.  His name became famous and familiar in Nansad Village as well as within adjoining villages of Kamrej Taluka.  Fragrance of his medical expertise was wide spread and many patients have been cured by him out of his professional ability and skill.  Dharmavir Bhakt was fond of Aurvedic treatment and was having expertise in treatment patients suffering from breach, ENT and burn cases.  However, it was observed that a Hospital is a must for treatment of certain diseases.  Dr. Dharmaveer has from the very beginning has a concept & dream of establishing a full fledged Hospital with ultra modern equipment in his own area.  Due help was provided by his relatives, well wishers and friends to convert this dream into reality.  He visited foreign countries at his own expense to collect funds and made the donors aware of the need of such a Hospital.  Due to his acute desire to establish a Hospital of his dream, in real meaning he became a beggar.  He had visited South Africa, America, England, Panama etc. and had collected substantial amount.  Donation was also received from the people surrounding Kamrej Area.  Small amounts, which were received from poor people, were also considered as invaluable amount.  During this proceeding a person living in South Africa, who is native of Kamrej.  His name is Late Shri Janab Haji Suleman Esapji Dadabhai of Transwal, South Africa.  He is the person of noble heart and having social service attitude towards the misery & suffering of poor & trodden people of his native place.  He was also having dream of establishing a Hospital in his native place.  He had shown his preparedness to donate his 16 Acres of land situated on the bank of River Tapti at Kholwad.  His such a generous offer had completed half of the work.  When the land was obtained without making any payment, Bhoomi Poojan was performed on 04.10.1984 and construction work was commenced.  Construction work went on in accordance with availability of finance.  When the construction work had completed, Hospital started functioning with Medical, Surgical, Orthopedic & Eye Department. 

At present all the general departments concerned with the Hospital are functioning.  As the matter stands now, Dinbandhu Hospital has established and proved itself in providing health-based services just like a Baniyan Tree.


Trustee Committee
Dr. Arjun Dharamvir Bhakt
Dinbandhu Charitable Hospital Trust
At Post. Nansad, Kamrej, Surat.
Shri Navinbhai Naranbhai Patel
Wise President
Dinbandhu Charitable Hospital Trust
Managing Committee
Dinbandhu Charitable Hospital
At Post. Kamrej, Surat.
Mobile:+91 98250 47271
Shri Vallabbhai Makanbhai bhakt
Wise President
Dinbandhu Charitable Hospital
At Post. Vav, Kamrej, Surat.
Tel.: +91 2621 252001
Mobile: +91 98792 50594
Dinbandhu Charitable Hospital Trust
At Post. Derod, Kamrej, Surat .
Tel.: +91 2621 252166
Shri Jitendrabhai Dayarambhai bhakt
Mantri Shri
Dinbandhu Charitable Hospital
At Post. Nansad, Kamrej, Surat .
Tel. : +91 2621 252399

Members of Dinbandhu Charitable Hospital Trust - Kholwad



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